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DELPHI: Next Generation Digital Therapeutics for Mental Health

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Digital Phenotyping For Mental Health

Delphi is a next generation digital therapeutics platform for mental health.

At the core of Delphi is a “digital phenotyping” engine that collects active and passive data from a user's smartphone and wearable devices. Machine learning algorithms are then used to derive meaningful insights about the individual related to their mental health and wellbeing that can be used to inform personalized treatment programs.

The platform is being developed as part of a PhD Research Program at the University of Helsinki and is currently being deployed in a number of studies across Europe and the US.

Our mission: to develop the most effective way to treat mental illness at scale.

Latest research

Published in Frontiers in Psychiatry in January 2021, the first paper on Delphi demonstrated how data from smartphones and wearable devices could be used to predict symptoms of depression and anxiety, most notably data related to common measures of sleep.

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